“Just a minute!” tweeted NASA’s always adorable Curiosity Rover this morning. “That’s all it takes to see 9 months of my mission thanks to fan @krsanford’s time lapse.”

The labor of love in question is a 1-minute, 6-second YouTube clip showing an animated stream of raw images from the Front Hazard Avoidance Cameras, taken from NASA’s Curiosity pic dump.

It’s an amazing thing to watch. You get to see landscapes change and time pass each day as the rover explores and travels across the red planet, casting its robotic shadow as it gathers samples and laser-drills into rock.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without NASA’s open-sourcing the multimedia in the first place. But the real hero here is Karl Sanford, the enthusiastic fan who took the time to put it all together. On the YouTube page for the clip, he says, “This is my first attempt at this process and hope to update and refine these videos as more data becomes available.”

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech