Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods expansion

The unwashed heathens are invading Europe in Crusader Kings II’s latest expansion.

Today, Paradox Interactive released The Old Gods add-on for its intimate grand strategy title (think Civilization on steroids, with mechanics for marrying off children and plotting a kingdom’s rise through hundreds of years). This new content adds the option for players to control a Pagan king. That means Vikings, which also means glorious beards. It is available for download now from most digital-distribution stores for $15.

The Old Gods also adds 200 more years Crusader Kings’ timeline. The Pagan campaign begins in 867 AD.

For a good look at some of the expansion’s non-Christian action, check out the excellent trailer for The Old Gods:

Crusader Kings II is a complex strategy game that re-creates the lives of kings in the Middle Ages. Players must guide their dynasty through hundreds of years of war and religious turmoil.

To celebrate the release of The Old Gods, Crusader Kings II is on sale at several online shops. Players can find a complete list of participating retailers here.