Extra Hearts: Jill Valentine

Welcome to another edition of Extra Hearts, GamesBeat’s dating site for our favorite video game characters. This time, we’re celebrating the HD release of Resident Evil: Revelations (which we liked quite a bit) by looking at the profile for the series’ zombie-slaying heroine, Jill Valentine. Let’s see if S.T.A.R.S.’s favorite daughter can find herself a hot date without stumbling into another end-of-the-world scenario.

Extra Hearts: Jill Valentine profile

Likes: A fully loaded gun and a steady supply of ink.

Dislikes: People who wear sunglasses indoors and dogs.

Kinks: Two words: Jill Sandwich.

Advice for our first date: I will kick you in the face if you ask me to be your valentine.

Most interesting thing about me: I’m an incredibly skilled marksman … as long as I’m standing completely still.

You should message me if: You’re the master of unlocking my heart.


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