electric slide screenshot

With apps like Electric Slide, you may actually want to sit through presentation decks.

Electric Slide lets you wirelessly share documents via your iPhone or iPad to anyone with access to a web browser (or via AirPlay to Apple TVs). It’s useful for letting everyone in a meeting view a presentation on their own device, as well for letting remote attendees keep track of your presentation in real-time. It’s similar to the popular PowerPoint viewing app SlideShark, but it also packs in some useful features that SlideShark doesn’t yet have.

Today, the Electric Slide developer Elucidate is announcing version 2 of the app, which brings support for Keynote presentations, the ability to zoom while broadcasting presentations, and a new File Inbox feature for sending your documents. SlideShark doesn’t yet support Keynote files.

“This was conceived of as a hybrid remote and in-person tool, not really a PowerPoint viewer for the iPad,” said Elucidate co-founder Jim Phelan in an interview. “It’s more of a PowerPoint presenter, instead.”

Electric Slide officially launched in February, and notably it offered presentation broadcasting from the very start. That’s a feature that SlideShark only recently added.

During a demonstration at VentureBeat’s offices last week, Phelan showed how Electric Slide can push a presentation almost perfectly synchronized to an Apple TV and other devices. The real-time zooming feature was also intriguing — it could be useful for highlighting finer data on a slide, or simply to call attention to something. Electric Slide also lets you keep zooming private, so it can be used to make reading easier while your audience sees the entire slide.

For presenters, Electric Slide saves you the trouble of connecting your laptop to a projector or television, and it also appears much simpler to use than a screensharing solution like WebEx. You can upload up to 50 megabytes worth of files for free and have up to five people viewing a presentation simultaneously. The company also offers Pro accounts for $80 a year, which offer 1GB of storage, up to 50 live viewers, and unlimited meeting times.

Along with the new features, Electric Slide is also getting a new monthly subscription price for a discounted $5 a month (eventually the price will go up to $8 a month).

Brooklyn-based Elucidate also offers tech consulting services, a business that’s helping to bootstrap the development of Electric Slide.