ipod touch 16gb

Those looking for a cheap replacement for their old iPods may be in luck. Apple has announced a new 16GB model of its iPod Touch.

The new iPod Touch will run $229. It features a 4-inch retina display, a front facing HD camera, and a dual A5 processor. That’s $80 less than the 32GB model that debuted when the company rolled out the fifth generation of the device last year, which didn’t feature a 16GB option.

The new device does, however, come with some sacrifices. The 16GB model doesn’t have a rear camera and you won’t be able to chose from as many colors as you can with the 32GB and 36GB models — only black or silver. Then again, if you’re looking for the cheapest version of a new iPod Touch, color probably isn’t that big a factor.

The new iPod Touch 16GB is available now, and Apple says those that purchase it today will have it shipped within 24 hours.

Via TheVerge