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Live music sales generate billions of dollars every year and while many areas of the music industry are struggling, there is money to be made on concerts.

Music startup Bandsintown released a significant update for its mobile applications today that puts a greater emphasis on social discovery. Bandsintown is a concert recommendation platform where people enter their favorite bands and artists and receive notifications about nearby tour dates as well as recommended events. The goal is to ensure fans “never miss a show again.”

“We conducted a study about concertgoer behavior which found that people go to concerts for two reasons,” said CEO Julien Mitelberg in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat. “They go because they are a fan of the music, because their friends are going, or both. More and more, people expect to hear about concerts instead of going to search for them. Adding in this social layer will open up more opportunities to find concerts, discover new artists, and buy tickets to shows.”

Bandsintown has more than 5 million fans and processes 700,000 RSVPs a month. The latest version encourages those users to engage and communicate within the app. It has features to see your friends’ RSVPs in various orders, view which friends are attending specific events, and invite friends to shows through the app. The recommendation engine that suggests shows you may be interested in will also suggest which friends may be interested in those shows. The startup also has new features in the works where users will be able to post photos and videos, and rate the concert to share their experience of the show.

Musicians and promoters can also use the system to promote their events. Over 150,000 bands use Bandsintown’s Artist Platform to post information about tour dates across various social media channels and directly reach their fans. The platform provides a dashboard and management tools for touring artists. It automatically creates Facebook events for all upcoming tour dates, and the auto-promote feature is geotargeted to send out info about events throughout the tour. Tour dates, ticket links, and Facebook events can be synced to blogs and other websites, and there are tools for creating special offers, VIP packages, and exclusive experiences. Labels, management companies, and agencies use the Artists Platform to manage multiple artists from one dashboard.

Bandsintown is based in San Diego with headquarters in New York City. It was acquired by Cellfish Studios in 2011.