Xbox One

If the response from our community is any indication, Microsoft’s reveal of its newest console, the Xbox One, didn’t live up to everyone’s hopes and dreams. Our readers have written numerous articles on the “all in one” entertainment box. Some of them are highly critical, others express indifference, and only one leaps to the system’s defense.

We’ve collected those community stories below. Want to express your own opinion on the Xbox One? Or about anything in the world of gaming that tickles your fancy? Then get writing! And visit our “about” page if you want to know how to get started. Don’t forget — anything you write by June 30 also enters you into our community appreciation giveaway, which gives you a chance to win games and other prizes.

5 privacy questions Microsoft should answer before the Xbox One is released
By Ethan Gach

Does the idea of an always-on camera in the middle of your living room kind of freak you out? Is the Kinect going to record anything without our permission? Is it going to share that information with anyone? These are some of the privacy concerns Ethan raises in his story.

Xbox One: It’s not about us anymore
By Bryant Chambers

A lot of people reacted to the Xbox One reveal with anger or disappointment. Bryant wasn’t surprised. Instead, the coming-out party left him feeling indifferent. He argues that core gamers are no longer Microsoft’s target, and the sooner we accept that the better.

Thoughts on the Xbox One announcement
By Cassie Gotto

Cassie warns Microsoft not to put too many chips in the whole “watch TV on our system” pool. That hasn’t exactly been going so hot for Nintendo’s Wii U. As for the rest, Cassie is willing to reserve final judgment until after June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show.

Xbox One: Musing on confusion and get off my lawn
By Thilina Bandara

Thilina laments the loss of simpler days when consoles just had to show awesome games to get people excited. Still, he can’t help but wonder is he’s just being stubborn in his old ways.

Xbox One: One Step in the Wrong Direction
By Ryan Espinoza

Ryan is more quick to put the blame on Microsoft. He put together a thorough list of his Xbox One concerns, including fees for used games, a focus on Kinect games, and the lack of backwards compatibility.

How Microsoft screwed itself for the next generation of video game consoles
By Michael Kyle

Michael takes a similar approach to Ryan by listing a lack of grievances concerning the Xbox One. One question seems paramount: Where are the games?

Change is scary: The Xbox One response
By Mark Purcell

Mark leaps to the Xbox One’s defense with this response to Michael’s article. He claims that all the doomsayers are acting rashly when they claim that Microsoft has already lost the next console race.