VB - CS6 Bundle 2

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If you’ve ever tried to wrap your head around Adobe’s Creative Suite – no matter what version – you’ll likely have found your head spinning (or aching) by the time you start to really dive in. There are other options out there beyond trial and error, but most of them involve a great deal of time spent in a classroom, a great deal of money spent on lessons – or both.

With this bundle from VentureBeat, you’ll get over 100 hours of training with courses that cover more than 1,000 lessons. The Adobe CS6 Training Bundle will take your images, videos, and audio projects to the next level – and for just $99 to boot!

Here’s what you’ll get in this bundle (Note: Regular pricing is in parentheses):

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Video Course ($99): This easy to follow video course is without a doubt the most comprehensive learning resource on Photoshop CS6 available. Covering over 13 hours of content, each topic is broken down into a series of simple to follow stages that will boost your learning and retention so you can get started right off the bat.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial ($99): Designed for professionals around the world, Illustrator can be a mystifying program. This course breaks it down into easy-to-understand sections that even an absolute beginner can understand.
  • Adobe InDesign CS6 Tutorial ($99): These training videos help designers open up a new world of creativity with InDesign. Learn to create professional looking content documents from basic brochures to engaging interactive and animated projects for multiple platforms.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Course ($99): Whether you are new to Dreamweaver, or have used it before, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Dreamweaver to create amazing web pages with this course. Starting with the basics, your instructor will show you a step-by-step process that will get you creating in no time!
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 Course ($99): In this training course you’ll be introduced to this powerful, non-linear visual effects software from Adobe. This tutorial is designed for the beginner, with no previous experience in After Effects required.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Course ($99): This course introduces you to the basics of Premiere Pro along with other editing concepts (color correction, compositing, effect animation, adding titles and graphics, working with audio) as well. You will also learn how to export and share your projects with the world.
  • Adobe Flash CS6 Course ($99): By the conclusion of this computer based training course you’ll be fully comfortable with the basic tools and techniques in Flash, and capable of creating and publishing dazzling Flash projects.
  • Learn To Conquer Encore CS6 ($99): You’ll explore the workflow of Encore, how to import assets, make menus, and export your finished product. Each step in the workflow is covered in-depth and you will learn how to create and work with timelines, build and edit slideshows, make playlists, add and edit menus, as well as creating custom menus and specialized menus.
  • Adobe Audition CS6 The Easy Way ($99): In this training course an expert leads you through the use of this professional grade audio-editing software from Adobe. By the conclusion of this video tutorial, you will be familiar with all the various tools at your disposal as well as techniques you can use to clean, edit, and export your audio files.

Each course is described in further detail on the VB Store, which is also where all of the important reminders surrounding this offer can be found.

It’s not very often you can get self-paced training on one of the most complete and incredibly useful creative software suites on the market – especially at a savings of 88%!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your CS6 mastery today and grab The Adobe CS6 Training Bundle from the VB Store while this offer is on … which won’t be for very long!

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