At this point, pretty much everyone has heard that they suck at making passwords, and sadly, Google agrees. So it released a public service announcement-type video explaining how to do build a strong password.

You’ve likely heard Google’s tips before, but they’re good for a refresher. The company stresses that you use a different password for each “important service.” We’ve been saying this for years — tier your passwords. Have the top tier include accounts such as your e-mail, bank account, and Facebook account. Yes, Facebook is particularly important nowadays — nearly anything an identity theft would want to know about you other than your bank account and social security number is on it. Then come up with a different password for each one and stick to it. Don’t share.

Google also says the longer the password the better, though it notes that a password like, “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!” is probably no good since everybody knows that saying (right?). Google also recommends using a password manager since the reason why most people share passwords among their accounts is fear of forgetting them.

Of course, it’s good for Google if you get better at passwords too. It makes its own services such as Gmail and YouTube much more secure and reduces the collective migraine the Google security must have while trying to protect your accounts.