Cloud software powerhouse Salesforce has introduced a new product called Company Communities that aims to replace boring corporate intranets with a network that emphasizes mobile and social features, the company announced today.

Company Communities is targeting businesses that already spend a lot of cash on intranet sites that employees couldn’t care less about. It aims to engage those employees by providing social interactions and tailored applications for iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

“There are a lot of companies that want a corporate intranet but don’t have enough features,” Jim Sinai, Director of Product Marketing for Salesforce’s Platform, told VentureBeat. “Right now, legacy intranet providers aren’t user centric. We want customers to have intranet their employees actually want to use.”

In a lot of ways Company Communities is an extension of what the company was already doing with Chatter, its enterprise social networking service that competes with Yammer, Jive Software, Moxie, and Tibbr. Company Communities takes some of the core features of Chatter like a social feed, file sharing, and groups and then adds in extra tools.

These tools include: access for publishing, branding, and team pages
Mobile SDK access on the Salesforce Platform
Recognition and badges from
Visualforce and Salesforce Knowledge access

Notable companies that have already launched Company Communities include Virgin America, Brown-Forman, and Burberry. In the case of Virgin America, it uses Company Communities to give employees easy mobile access to business information, team updates, and team performance statistics. Brown-Forman (the business behind brands like Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort) used the service to build “My B-F,” a customized intranet where employees can read company announcements, as well as more than 30 custom apps built for work purposes.

Company Communities is currently in beta but will launch into general availability in the second half of 2013. Pricing for will be announced at launch.

Top image via Salesforce

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