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On the consumer side, we’re all looking forward to a radically new look and feel from iOS 7, but investors need a bit more proof in their pudding — likely in the form of substantial services upgrades for the larger world of iPhone and iPad app makers.

Analysts for finance firm Goldman Sachs said in a note yesterday that iOS ecosystem and tools need “some critical updates and enhancements” for Apple to truly impress investors.

Specifically, Goldman Sachs analysts are looking for an iOS streaming music service as well as a payments service, something Apple toyed with and abandoned back in 2011 but may revisit in a post-NFC world.

Right now, we’re hearing the company is set to unveil both a new iPhone and a new iOS version. We’ve also heard rumors about possible music deals.

The analysts further noted that buying AAPL stock just ahead of WWDC and selling the day after had proven to be a profitable strategy for day traders over the past 10 years and recommended a $500 target price. Back in April, the stock was downgraded due to too much perceived risk, with shares dipping below $400 each.

This year, they feel AAPL’s volatility is particularly low and that WWDC, the company’s upcoming annual developer conference, will bring a boost to the brand.

While some Wall Street types are uncomfortable with the company’s commitment to spend $100 million on investments in U.S. Mac production, Goldman feels this move lowers the risk of investing in Apple in the long run.

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed last week that a new Mac product line will be made in Texas using machinery made in Kentucky and Michigan and components from Illinois and Florida.