pinterest search

Pinterest fixed a major problem for many pinners today. It added a search feature for your own pins so that you don’t have to go sifting through what could be hundreds of pins on one board.

How many times have you spent what feels like 10 minutes just searching for that brown sugar garlic chicken recipe you know is in your recipe board somewhere? If you’re like me, the answer is “way too many — I should just print this thing out.”

I knew this feature would have to come at some point. Finding new things on Pinterest is what the service is all about, but trying to recall one of those discoveries is annoyingly difficult. Pinterest allows you to see images that can be collected onto topic-specific boards. These boards, however, can become lengthy — particularly recipe boards — making it difficult to find a recipe you may have pinned last week.

The tool is fairly simple. You can search your previous pins using the existing search bar except now you can filter specifically for “just my pins.” Search for a specific keyword, such as “garlic brown sugar chicken,” and Pinterest will pull up any of your pins that match those keywords.

Most of the time pins seem to captioned with relevant information, such as the name of a dish, clothing designer, location, or other topics, but this may push people to add more memorable keywords to their pins.

Pinterest software engineer Hui Xu explained in a blog post that this is first available on the web version and is currently being deployed. Mobile support will come “soon.”

Image via screenshot from my Pinterest