VB - RoboCopter

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Remote-controlled toys have never really gone out of style, and with technological advances it is likely that you’re already carrying around a remote for one in your pocket – your iPhone – so all you need now is the toy to control.

That’s where the latest VentureBeat offer comes in.

The iHelicopter is a lightweight yet powerful chopper. Its dual rotors allow for 3-directional tilt, but it’s small enough to fly around indoors! And VentureBeat has it for only $49.99!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Silver iHelicopter (also available in red)
  • Stylish remote control
  • USB charger
  • A spare pair of blades
  • A spare tail rotor

To pilot with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, just download the free Extreme Fliers App from the App Store. If you don’t have an Apple product that works as a remote, a regular handset controller is included as well – so any pilot can start soaring right away.

To check out all of the product specifications and other important reminders surrounding this offer, visit the VB Store.

Remember that all work and no play makes you a dull boy – or girl – even if you’ve got the latest in iOS gear. Take fun to new heights and pick up the iHelicopter for only $49.99 from the VB Store before this offer flies off for good!

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