Image (1) bezos-kindle-dx.jpg for post 247876The Kindle DX is back from the dead.

The massive 9.7-inch e-ink display e-reader has been resurrected by Amazon without fanfare or announcement, much as it was discontinued late last year. It’s still not visible on Amazon’s main Kindle page, where you can find a $79 6-inch Kindle as well as a $214 7-inch Kindle Fire, but it is currently once again for sale on Amazon.

The DX is now $299, down from the $379 that it cost when it was still available last year.

Image (2) kindle-dx.jpg for post 108052Hardcore readers and students who want a large screen for textbooks are pretty much the target market, and perhaps Amazon is restocking the DX for the late summer back-to-school season — which schools and and universities usually prepare and purchase for well in advance.

It’s hard to see anyone else purchasing this e-reader as its expensive and extremely limited compared to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, which run Android apps, surf the web, and do pretty much everything else you’d want a tablet to do in addition to being competent e-readers. But the pluses do include long battery life, full daylight visibility, and free 3G wireless anywhere, anytime.

For anyone who is interested in this e-reader, however, a word to the wise: Snap it up quick. There’s no telling when Amazon will cancel it again.

Image credit: Amazon; Hat tip: The Verge

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