Board games on Android

Android-tablet owners can finally get their locomotive board-game action. Developer Days of Wonder just released Ticket to Ride on the Google Play market. Choo-choo, indeed!

The beloved tabletop game is available here for purchase now on Google Play for $7. Publisher Days of Wonder worked to make it compatible with all Android tablets, but it works best on devices that have at least a 1,280-by-800 screen resolution.

Ticket to Ride for Android includes solo and multiplayer modes. Don’t have friends on Android? That’s OK, because it is cross-platform compatible with the PC, Mac, and iPad versions. It comes with the U.S. map, but fans can buy the Asia, Europe, Switzerland, and U.S. 1910 maps as downloadable-content.

Ticket to Ride is a strategy game that has players claiming railway routes and connecting cities to earn points. The gameplay gets interesting when competing players find creative ways to cut off each others’ train lines before they reach a city.

Days of Wonder already has a major hit with Ticket to Ride. The physical version, which debuted nine years ago, sold more than two million copies. The digital version on iPad sold another two million. Now, as one of the first major board games to make it to Android, it’s hoping to repeat that success with the owners of the Nexus 7 and other popular Google OS tablets.