The Penny Arcade Expos and Comic Con events are some of the hottest tickets in all of geekdom. This means that some folks can’t get in, as tickets are hard to come by. The good news is that video-streaming platform Twitch is going to begin broadcasting the events online as they happen.

Earlier today, Twitch announced a partnership with media-event producer ReedPop that will have the two companies teaming up to stream PAX Prime, PAX East, New York Comic Con, and the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo to viewers around the world.

“Given the growing popularity of pop culture conventions, many of them are selling out, leaving a lot of fans out in the dark and having to trawl the internet for bits and pieces of news that relate to these events,” Twitch chief executive Emmett Shear said in a statement. “With our new partnership with ReedPOP, the ability to enjoy compelling convention content from the comfort of home is now a reality.”

This announcement comes in addition to Twitch’s plans to stream the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show starting next week. The broadcasting platform is traditionally known as the best place to watch fans streaming gameplay action, but the website is expanding into producing more coverage of its own.

ReedPop is the event firm that coordinates these events. In addition to PAX and Comic Con, the company also runs the Star Wars Celebration festivals and the UFC Fan Expos.

“We are all about reaching as many fans as possible and anything we can do to connect our fans with the incredible talent that comes to our shows is awesome,” ReedPop global vice president Lance Fensterman said. “This partnership with Twitch ensures that everyone interested in our shows will have a consistent destination for some of the best pop culture content in the world whenever they want.”

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