Hell Invaders 2

Free-to-play card games and DeNA go together like, well, DeNA and money.

The mobile publisher revealed today that developer Spicy Horse will release its upcoming collectible-card game, tentatively known as Hell Invaders, on the DeNA’s Mobage social-game network for smartphones and tablets.

“We here at Spicy Horse are really looking forward to our partnership with DeNA on Hell Invaders,” Spicy Horse studio head American McGee said in a statement. “It’s not very often we get a chance to suck magic knowledge of successful development directly from the brains of such awesome hosts. Combining their DNA with our already bizarre flaming horse form will result in something awesome or hellish — or both.”

Hell Invaders is a Magic: The Gathering-like game with a class-based battle mechanic. It focuses on player-versus-player battles.

DeNA has experience with card games on mobile platforms. One of the most successful entries in that genre is the company’s Rage of Bahamut, which is often in the top-grossing apps on Android and iOS.

“American McGee’s delightfully twisted creative mind combined with Spicy Horse’s high-quality visuals and production bring together some of the most intriguing elements for an epic mobile game,” said Barry Dorf, a senior director of DeNA West’s third-party team. “DeNA is excited to work with American and the team at Spicy Horse studio that have for years been recreating and reimagining ancient folklore to bring a fresh and twisted new experience to gamers.”

Spicy Horse plans to reveal a final name for Hell Invaders in the near future. The studio will also provide details on the game’s release at that time.