Any.DO is making time management seamless with Cal, a simple and sophisticated calendar application.

With the addition of Cal for iPhone, Any.DO’s suite of connected life management applications promises to streamline your tasks, email, notes, and calendar in a stylish and connected way.

Any.DO is currently the most popular to-do application for iPhone and Android and millions of people use the simple task manager. The company recently raised $3.5 million to build life management applications that enable productivity through play and control through habits. Cal is currently in beta and will be released later this summer.

“If you connect Cal with Any.DO, you’ll be able to see your tasks in your calendar, you can initiate the Any.DO moment from Cal if you have too many things planned for the day,” said Omer Perchik, founder and CEO. “Soon we’ll reveal more and more integrations.”

Cal will integrate simply with the to-do list application to automatically manage your to-do list and eliminate the need to plan for the same thing twice.

You can send messages and plan events right from the application through contact, location, and social integration. The sleek design gives you a clear breakdown on what’s next and what you’ve accomplished.

“Cal knows where you are in your day and automatically adapts to it by showing you the right information for what’s coming next,” Perchik said.

Cal will only be available for iPhone, but an Android version is in the works. Those interested can sign up for a notification for when it’s available.

San Francisco-based Any.DO was founded in 2010 to simplify the way people manage their tasks, and give them time to have more fun. Over five million users have checked off their to-do lists on Any.DO, and the addition of Cal will make task and calendar management even easier.

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