showyou channel platform

Popular video discovery app ShowYou is stepping into new territory today: offering content creators a way to easily monetize their video streams within its apps.

That starts with re-framing how ShowYou approaches the videos you’re sharing on the service. Rather than just being a bunch of videos you like that people can view individually,  everything you share is now part of a channel that ShowYou users can sit back and enjoy like a television network.

On top of that, the company is launching the ShowYou Channel Platform, which lets anyone monetize channels made up of their own content. Rather than following a revenue share model like YouTube and Vimeo, the current leaders in online video, ShowYou is offering its platform as a software-as-a-service, so you’ll pay a monthly fee as well as additional fees depending on viewer numbers. The big benefit to that: You’ll get all of the ad revenues.

The platform’s pricing starts at just $5 a month for 100,000 views, and goes up to $400 a month for up to 10 million views. To let publishers test out the service, ShowYou is making the platform free for the next 90 days.

ShowYou will let you feed in content to your channel from just about anywhere — so you can easily pipe in video from your YouTube or Vimeo feeds, or directly from your own servers. ShowYou isn’t trying to compete directly with video giants; instead it’s positioning itself as the ideal way to let people browse their videos on the iPad.

“The app world is difficult — it’s hard to get your app distributed, it’s hard to keep viewers coming back, and it costs money to build,” said Mark Hall, ShowYou’s founder and chief executive, in an interview with VentureBeat.

Over the past few years, ShowYou has crafted its iPad app into one of the best video discovery solutions for the iPad, so it has plenty of allure for content producers. Its Channel Platform could be a tempting solution for publishers who haven’t figured out an iPad strategy yet — especially since it gives them the freedom to buy their own ads and sponsorships.

ShowYou is also offering a slew of tools to make its platform useful. You’ll be able to ‘promote’ videos into people’s feeds, similar to Twitter’s promoted tweets, add custom bumpers, and have access to analytics around your feed.

Hall tells me the idea for the Channels Platform started a few years ago when he was demonstrating the ShowYou app to publishers. While they were generally impressed, plenty of publishers were interested in a white-label version of ShowYou’s app for their own purposes.

“There’s an issue out there, where people want ShowYou’s capabilities, but they want more control,” Hall said. “[So we asked ourselves] how can we give them all the benefits of ShowYou with more control.”

San Francisco-based Remixation, ShowYou’s parent company, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a first round from True Ventures and other investors.

Below, check out a profile of one of ShowYou’s channel makers, Nick Douglas of Slacktory.