Animal Crossing

Nintendo’s social-media strategy is strange. On the Wii U, the company has the Miiverse, where gamers can discuss certain titles and franchises. The 3DS is still without that social network, but two of its games can send images to Twitter and Tumblr using a web app.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf gamers can use the app to send screenshots to Twitter and Tumblr, and it works very well.

From you 3DS web browser, go to Sign in with your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr accounts. From that point, you can select any image from your 3DS camera folder to send to those websites.

The result will look like this:

This Nintendo service can only share images stored in the 3DS folder. That means pictures you take with your 3DS and games that support in-game screenshots. So far, only Animal Crossing and life-simulator Tomadachi Collection support that functionality.

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