dead rising 3

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LOS ANGELES — With a new generation of consoles comes a new round of zombie games. Microsoft just announced Dead Rising 3 during its annual pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing — and it’s only for the Xbox One this holiday.

The third game in Capcom’s zombie-slaying action franchise features a new hero, a mechanic named Nick Ramos. Dead Rising 3 retains the previous game’s open-world levels, but it also apparently comes with a nifty new feature: no load times. In the trailer shown, Nick ran, drove, and bursted into buildings without any hint of a load time. He can craft a variety of different weapons — at one point, he picked up a sledgehammer and combined it with a saw blade to create a “SledgeSaw” that cut down zombies in half.

Dead Rising 3 will benefit from SmartGlass’s new functionality. You can use the multiscreen software application (for smartphones and tablets) to call down artillery from above. A separate screen showed a simulated video of this in action, complete with a overhead map. Back in the game, rockets came raining down around the player, blowing zombies into smithereens.

The first Dead Rising was exclusive to the Xbox 360 when it came out in 2006, while Dead Rising 2 launched simultaneously for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 when it came out four years later. Unlike Capcom’s other (and somewhat serious) zombie franchise, Resident Evil, the Dead Rising games are known for their sillier tone, in-game jokes, and wacky costumes.