Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break

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LOS ANGELES — Remedy Entertainment showed off more of Quantum Break, its upcoming Xbox One exclusive, in a new trailer today during Microsoft’s pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing today in Los Angeles.

Quantum Break promises to blur the lines between video games and television. “The choices you make in the game create your personalized version of the TV show,” Remedy creative director Sam Lake explained during the conference. “And watching the show gives you insights that impact the way you play the game. This interplay changes your entertainment experience into a new type of storytelling. And that’s my passion. This will be the ultimate Remedy experience.”

Remedy has dabbled with television in the past — slipping creepy vignettes of Mr. Scratch into Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, for example — but this time the developer seems to be making it an integral part of its new game. How this will all work, however, remains a mystery.

Quantum Break was officially announced during the Xbox One reveal event on May 21, 2013.