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LOS ANGELES — Microsoft revealed a partnership with livestreaming site Twitch during its pre-E3 briefing today. Xbox One is capable of instantly streaming gameplay through Twitch.

Players can immediately engage Twitch with a single voice command. That will instantly bring up the Twitch menu.

As an example, Microsoft streamed a match of its new fighting game Killer Instinct. One of its producers brought up the Twitch interface just by asking for it via Kinect. It was very impressive how fast the app loaded, which is apparently thanks to Xbox One’s operating-system optimization. (We’ll find out, of course, how fast this is when we get some time with the Xbox One ourselves.)

Additionally, Microsoft debuted its Xbox Upload Studio. This uses the Xbox One’s built-in DVR to record gameplay. Players can then quickly jump back and upload a specific clip. Upload Studio doesn’t just simply upload the clip. It can add cutting and dissolve effects that add extra pizzazz. The presenters also added voice-over.

These video offerings are on par with what Sony debuted with the PlayStation 4. Streaming and video-sharing is a growing part of modern-day gaming. Fans watch millions of hours of livestreaming games on sites like Twitch every month.