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Sony paraded out its lineup of independent game developers at its pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press briefing in Los Angeles today. Their games will make their console debut on the PlayStation 4, and they’ll be viewable in the recently introduced Indie Section of the PlayStation Store.

The company wants “to continue to lead the console space as the most open and inclusive platforms for developers,” said Adam Boyes, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s vice president of publisher and developer relations. Indie developers will be able to self-publish their own content on PlayStation systems, including the PS4.

Sony confirmed 10 developers whose indie games are coming to the new console, which launches “later this year.” The first is puzzle game The Witness from designer Jonathan Blow, who made Braid.

Supergiant Games, the creator of the hit game Bastion, is also working on its next release. Turn-based strategy title Transistor is hitting PS4 early next year. Director Amir Rao and writer Greg Kasavin took the stage to show off the world of Cloudbank.

In addition, Klei Entertainment, responsible for Shank and Mark of the Ninja, is bringing its open-world survival game Don’t Starve from PC to PS4.

Another indie, Tribute Games, is delivering the Metal Slug-esque Mercenary Kings to PS4. It features the same style of pixel graphics that we saw in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, another one of Tribute’s titles.

Mercenary Kings

Young Horses is adapting Octodad: Dadliest Catch, a weird, slapstick game where players (try to) control an octopus passing as human. And from Switchblade Monkeys comes Secret Ponchos, a spaghetti western with shooter elements.

Developer Ragtag Studios, comprised of three industry veterans, is making a stealth-action puzzler where you command a zombie army. It’s called Ray’s the Dead. Another veteran-based developer, Red Barrels, is releasing the single-player horror game Outlast, which it also designed for PC.

Plus, Oddworld Inhabitants is working on a full remake of the first Oddworld title and dubbing it Oddworld: New N’ Tasty!.

Finally, 17-Bit Studios (maker of Skulls of the Shogun) is creating the side-scrolling open-world shooter Galaxy.

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