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Correction: I originally wrote that Nintendo does not allow developers to publisher their own games. That is incorrect.

LOS ANGELES — Sony will allow indie developers to self-publish on its next-generation console.

This means that, unlike Xbox One, studios don’t have to partner with publishers like Majesco, Ubisoft, and others just to put a game on the PlayStation 4. Following the announcement, Sony listed a number of indie games that will make their exclusive console debut only on the upcoming hardware.

Those games include developer 17-Bit Studios’ Galak-Z, Oddworld Inhabitants’ new Oddworld game, and more.

Microsoft currently doed not allow indie studios to self-publish. This is an issue for many small studios who don’t want to give up creative control, property rights, and profits to meddling publishers. Small studios are responding well to this treatment and may end up supporting PS4 over Xbox One if Microsoft does not change its policies.

Nintendo does empower developers to self-publish games on the Wii U and 3DS eShop.

Here’s the full list of indie games in the works for PS4, PS3, and Vita:

  • 1001 Spikes (Nicalis) – PS Vita
  • Blacklight: Retribution (Zombie) – PS4
  • Contrast (Compulsion Games) – PS4, PS3
  • Deathmatch Village (Bloober Team) – PS Vita
  • Divekick (Iron Galaxy) –PS3, PS Vita
  • Dragon Fantasy Book II (Muteki) – PS Vita, PS3
  • FieldRunners 2 (Subatomic) – PS Vita
  • Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims (Dakko Dakko) – PS Vita
  • Hotline Miami (Devolver Digital) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Ibb and Obb (Sparpweed) – PS3
  • Kickbeat (Zen Studios) – PS Vita
  • Limbo (Playdead) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Lone Survivor (Curve Studios) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Luftrausers (Devolver Digital) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Men’s Room Mayhem (Ripstone) – PS Vita
  • OlliOlli (Rolling Media) PS Vita, PS3
  • Pinball Arcade (Farsight) – PS4
  • Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Gaijin Games) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Spelunky (Mossmouth) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Sportsfriends(Die Gute Fabrik) – PS3
  • Splice (Cipher Prime) – PS3
  • Stealth Inc. (Curve Studios) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Stick it to the Man (Ripstone) – PS Vita, PS3
  • Velocity Ultra (FuturLab) – PS Vita
  • Warframe (Digital Extremes) – PS4

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