classroomStudent success depends on more than just the student. Silverback Learning has raised $2.5 million for its educational-tech platform that rallies the community to help students reach their full potential.

Silverback’s flagship product is called Mileposts. It brings together students, parents, teachers, and administrators to improve communication and collaboration between them. If a student is struggling, the platform serves to “construct a team of action” to support that student as well as look for opportunities for improvement. Research shows that this “360 degree approach” — where everyone involved in a student’s education is highly engaged– is an important part of success.

Silverback not only encourages communication but also collects specific data to better track performance. It features a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard that allows teachers, administrators, and parents to see how individual students are doing and compare students, classes, or groups to overall school and district performance. Teachers can access information about their students in advance and identify “at-risk” students who may need intervention or an alternative education plan.

The system organizes all student progress in one place and analyzes that data to identify trends. The goal is to create greater levels of transparency into the state of each student, classroom, school, and district that will ultimately lead to data-driven improvement efforts.

This approach first came about when chief executive officer Dr. Jim Lewis served as the superintendent of the Blaine County School District in Idaho. He wanted to bring more accountability into the educational system and initiated a project in country schools that later became Mileposts. The project yielded positive results and was implemented into more schools. It is now used in 30 percent of the school districts in Idaho and in districts across 13 U.S. states.

Angel investors made up this round and will support continued expansion of the product as well as product development and strategic partnerships. Silverback is based in Boise, Idaho.

Photo Credit: Trustypics/Flickr