A new bug in iOS 7, Apple’s newest mobile operating system, gets you past the lock screen to perform some limited but important functions such as sending out your private photos.

Apple released its latest mobile operating system to developers at its Worldwide Developer Conference this week. Regular customers won’t be able to download it until the fall, but for now, developers get to play around with it to both think of new ways to use it in their own creations — but also to do some bug patrol.

That’s exactly what one developer, Jose Rodriguez of Spain, did. While playing around with iOS 7, he realized that he could get past the lock screen fairly easily in order to access the phone’s existing photo albums. Beyond that he was able to share those photos via Twitter, e-mail them, or delete them. In order to do this, you simply must open the calculator app, which is now accessible before you enter a passcode, right before you open the camera app.

Rodriguez found that if you open the calculator, then open the camera, you’re able to see all of the photos that the phone holds. Of course, you should expect to see more bugs come out of iOS 7 as it is still in its testing phase. Apple will patch this bug and more before, we’re sure, before iOS 7 is released to the public.

In iOS 7, you can perform more functions without entering a passcode than you could with previous iOS versions. This comes in the form of the new “control room” feature built into iOS 7, which you can access from the lock screen by swiping your finger up on the phone. The control room displays a number of unprotected tasks including access to the camera, switching between songs playing in iTunes, and now the calculator.

via Forbes