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For those still waiting for Steam’s Summer Sale in order to grab some recent Triple-A game deals – especially titles published by EA – you should probably check out EA/Origin’s Anniversary Sale. triple-A titles such as Crysis 3, BF3 Premium and Dead Space 3 are available for only $16 (after coupon GFDJUL20)

Update: Origin’s sale is now over and Steam’s Summer Sale is now live (started July 11 at 10AM Pacific). If you’re looking for more solid Origin deals, check out Gamefly’s EA/Origin Sale where hot titles like Crysis 3, BF3 Premium and Dead Space 3 is available for only $16 (after coupon GFDJUL20).

Origin launched the large sale at 10AM Pacific, titling it “Games That Gamers Love”. Those crazy cats at EA/Origin always bring “clever” to a new level, but despite its lame name, the sale provides several solid discounts. Battlefield 3 is only $5, and the PC versions of Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 are only $20 apiece – both at their lowest prices ever.

Unlike a Steam sale, not all deals are PC oriented, so console gamers gets thrown a bone too. Any console games priced $25 and up have free shipping as an added bonus. One decent console deal is Need for Speed Most Wanted for $28 on the PS3 and 360.

Fans of Saints Row will be happy to know it survived the bankruptcy of THQ, as the new Saints Row IV is set to release from Deep Silver on August 20th of this year. Preorder a copy today and get the “Commander and Chief Edition!” DLC pack, which will include the unique ‘Merica weapon, Eagle jet, and Uncle Sam suit. The PC download version also has a $10 off coupon code at Green Man Gaming, dropping the price from $49.99 to $40. The PC version will activate on Steam.

Origin deals

Origin Anniversary Sale — games up to 70% off at Origin. Over 50+ games, choose from PC digital or PC physical copies, plus console versions are available too.

Battlefield 3 (PC Download) — $5 at Origin. Next best is $20 at Amazon. Every Call of Duty diehard should try Battlefield 3 once, just to feel the joy of crashing a jet into a tank.

Crysis 3 (PC Download) — $19.99 at Origin. List is $40. If you have a high end graphics card, you’re almost obligated to get this game and test it out on Ultra settings. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are $27.99.

Dead Space 3 (PC Download) — $19.99 at Origin. Next best is $40 at Amazon. Zombies in space, what’s not to love? The Dead Space 3 Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are $27.99.

Upcoming Releases

June 20: Magrunner: Dark Pulse (PC Download) — $16 at Green Man Gaming after coupon. Action-puzzle game…hmm…probably not gun-toting cardboard shapes, but we won’t know for another week. In all seriousness, initial previews look promising. List is $20.

June 23: Game & Wario (Wii U) — $31.99 at NewEgg after coupon. A little like Mario Party, except with the tubby guy wearing purple and yellow instead of blue and red. List is $40.

June 25: Deadpool (PC Download) — $31.99 at GameFly after coupon. This upcoming game starring the Marvel Comics character breaks the fourth wall repeatedly in amusing ways; additionally, its demo was nominated for ‘Best of Show’ at Gamescom 2012. List is $40.

Aug. 6: The Sims 3 Dragon Valley (PC Download) — $19.99 at Green Man Gaming. Get a $4 credit or $3 cash back with your purchase. If simulating “real life” on a computer screen wasn’t off-the-wall enough, try throwing some dragons into the mix. List is $20.

Aug. 20: Saints Row IV (PC Download) — $40 at Green Man Gaming after coupon. List is $50. If you thought Saints Row was a trilogy, you thought wrong. The gang is back, complete with its usual zingers and over-the-top epicness.

PC download deals

GameFly Sale: 2K Games (PC Download) — up to 80% off. after coupon.

360, and PS3 deals

MLB 2K13 (Xbox 360, PS3) — $36.99 at NewEgg after coupon. Just like cars…if you wait until the middle of the model year, you can get that year’s sports game at just more than half what you’d pay on release day. Next best is $40 at Amazon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Xbox 360, PS3) — $29.99 at Best Buy. Ties the lowest price we’ve seen on the console version of this solid addition to the Call of Duty series. Next best is $56 at

Intel “Haswell” Gaming Laptops

2013 Alienware 18Alienware 18 Haswell Full HD 1080p Laptop — $2,049 at Dell after coupon. This model is from the 2013 Alienware laptop redesign. Comes with Core i7-4700MQ, Dual Graphics GeForce GTX 765M SLI (hey its $2,000 for a reason), and 8GB RAM.

2013 Alienware 17Alienware 17 Haswell 4th Gen Laptop — $1,449 at Dell after coupon. New design with magnesium alloy chassis vs the old plastic chassis. Core i7-4700MQ, GeForce GTX 765M, and 8GB RAM. You can upgrade to the GTX 770M for even more performance. 900p panel is standard, and you still have the 1080p upgrade choice.

IdeaPad Y510pLenovo IdeaPad Y510p 59369999 Laptop — $829 at Lenovo “UltraBay” SLI capable. Haswell Core i7-4700MQ (4th Gen), GeForce GT 750M, 8GB RAM. 1080p model will cost you a bit more.

2013 Alienware 142013 Alienware 14 Laptop — $1,149 at Dell after coupon. New design like the Alienware listed above, and like many Alienware machines, it comes with plenty of LED flares. Specs: Core i7-4700MQ, 8GB RAM, and GeForce GT 750M. Max GPU upgrade is a GTX 765M.

IdeaPad Y410pLenovo IdeaPad Y410p 59369921 Laptop — $829 at Lenovo after coupon. Excellent deal, especially when you compare it with the Alienware 14 above. For more than $300 cheaper, you get the same 4th Gen Core i7-4700MQ, the same GeForce GT 750M 2GB, plus a higher resolution HD+ 900p panel.

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