Pet Rescue Saga

“Bite-sized game” developer King is announcing the mobile release of its popular Facebook game Pet Rescue Saga today. The casual title, which is a puzzle game where players clear blocks to save adorable animals, is available on iOS devices through Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

The free-to-play game includes cross-platform functionality, so player stats and data persist across both the mobile and browser versions.

“Pet Rescue Saga is one of King’s most-played games. It has strong puzzle challenge and a great story where players work to save cuddly dogs, cats, and birds from dangerous scenarios,” said King co-founder Riccardo Zacconi in a press release. “Players will now be able to play Pet Rescue Saga anywhere, anytime and ensure their leaderboards, scores, and progress are synchronized regardless of device.”

In April, King announced that its number of daily active users had surpassed that of social-gaming titan Zynga. It has built up its audiences in both mobile and Facebook communities with its two other cross-platform games, Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga.