Cloud phone systems business RingCentral has named former WebEx bigshot David Berman as its new president, the company announced today.

RingCentral has been a leader in the cloud phone services business for a few years, and it serves more than 250,000 businesses. Berman says he will help the company continue to scale and innovate.

“I’m here to help the company gain momentum, innovate, and increase global business,” Berman said.

He will almost certainly help the company take a hard look at exit opportunities, such as acquisition or going public. His prior experiences will likely help make that a reality.

Before, Berman was president of sales and services at web conferencing company WebEx. He helped WebEx ramp up operations before being acquired by Cisco for $3.2 billion. Then he stuck around Cisco for a few more years to smooth over the transition.

While Berman wouldn’t confirm the exit approach, he did say the company would “look at all opportunities.”

Berman’s last gig was as president and CEO of Affectiva, a smart “emotion analytics” technology startup based on research from MIT.

Additionally, Berman said he had been familiar with RingCentral during his WebEx/Cisco days, but didn’t use it at the time.

“I didn’t actually understand the power of [RingCentral] until I started using it at Affectiva,” Berman said.

Photo via RingCentral