Here’s a little something special for your Thursday evening:

The RK-1 is an Arduino-powered, Wi-Fi capable motorized robot you can control with an iOS or Android device.

From the Kickstarter page:

The control board on the robot is built on the Arduino hardware/software architecture, which is open source, and the controller software and hardware will also be available open source. The idea is to give the community the ability to make Arduino projects mobile. There is no end to what you can do — you can add sensors and actuators to this fun little device and control it remotely. I have implemented a new and amazing way of controlling the robot using swipe gestures.

The project is around 25 percent funded as of this writing. Its creator is Evangelos Georgiou, a PhD student at the King’s College London Centre for Robotic Research.

Georgiou says the £5,000 he’s attempting to raise will be used for “a better control board, better robot chassis, and [to] make some awesome software for iOS and Android devices.”

Pledges of £150 or more (that’s $235) will get you an RK-1 kit in about six months, he estimates.