young sohn

Samsung had been considered the most serious competitor to an unstoppable Apple and the only Android handset maker turning a profit. But now it’s more than that. It now sells more smartphones than Apple, and in the past months, it has added so many new features that it had Apple on the run. It’s partly why Apple’s stock has tanked so badly.

Thanks to strong flagship phones like the Galaxy S III, Wall Street analysts, developers, and tech gadgets, bloggers are watching the company’s every move.

You may know Young Sohn as the man that heads Samsung’s recently announced Catalyst Fund, which dedicates $100M to fund a global ecosystem of startups and services with Samsung devices as its cornerstone.

MobileBeat 2013 (July 9-10 in San Francisco) will be the occasion for Sohn — also Samsung’s chief strategy officer and widely considered to be the company’s leader on innovation — to share some of the Korean giant’s visions on the role of smartphones over the next five and 10 years. In a future where cloud services, sensors, and data are all weaving their way ever more tightly into every aspect of our lives — from lifestyle to healthcare — Samsung wants to provide the hardware where it all comes together.

How will it approach privacy — an issue more sensitive than ever — or play alongside the ecosystem of startups, apps, and carriers while ensuring a mobile experience that is both compelling and open?

Find out at MobileBeat. Check out full event details here, and grab your tickets today!

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