home cookingPeople get passionate about food, and Allthecooks is a social network for them to come together around the joy of cooking.

The startup has the No. 1 app on the Google Play store and today debuted a Windows 8 version to continue growing its community of 10 million users. Allthecooks is sort of like a Pinterest but exclusively for recipes. People post dishes with ingredients, directions, serving amounts, tags, and nutritional information. Other members of the community can rate the dish, write reviews and comments, ask questions, add their own photos, and share the recipe with friends on social media.

Allthecooks was founded by husband-and-wife team Rafael Sanches and Silvia Curioni. Sanches previously founded Craigsnotifica, a popular Craigslist app that was pulled from the Android store in 2011 for unclear reasons, and Curioni has years of experience in mobile-software development. In 2012, they founded Allthecooks to create a more social experience for recipe searchers.

“Allthecooks wants to be the top full-featured social network for people who love cooking,” Curioni said in a Q&A. “We started with the simple idea of an app that helps you decide what to make for dinner based off ingredients you already have, and now we have one of the most active food communities on the web. By using our app, you get involved in the community.”

The site has over 150,000 recipes that are easily filtered by keywords depending on your needs. You can search by dietary restrictions, specific ingredients, dishes, dish types (like appetizer or dessert), holiday themes, flavors, or even kitchen tools. No idea what to do with that new crockpot your Aunt sent you for your birthday? Chances are someone on Allthecooks does.

Recipes are the second biggest search category on the Web with 2 billion searches a month. There are hoarded from recipe sites and apps out there — Allrecipes, Epicurious, Food Network, Yummily, Foodily, Supercook, Cooks.com, and Punchfork, which was acquired by Pinterest in January 2013. It is a highly competitive space (food fight!) that often does not have a clear business model. Allthecooks said that because its audience is so engaged, this provides a direct channel for food brands to connect with at-home cooks. Part of the vision is to help large food brands target people more effectively by shooting them contextual and relevant information at opportune times.

Allthecooks is based in Mountain View and has seven employees. The company is bootstrapped.