Xbox Music

Not much has been said about Microsoft’s Xbox Music, especially with all the attention that Apple’s newly unveiled iTunes Radio and Google’s Google Play Music All Access subscriptions are receiving.

Xbox Music is one part digital music store and one part streaming service. Windows or Xbox users can buy individual tracks or albums like on iTunes, and additionally, they can also sign up for a premium subscription that gives them on-demand streaming music that’s similar to Spotify.

Well, yesterday the company leaked screenshots of an Xbox Music Windows 8 app update that should be released along with a handful of other Windows 8.1 apps like Calculator, Scan, Reading List, Movie Moments, and Sound Recorder.

As for the Xbox Music app, the interface now has a two-column design that’s kind of similar to Google Music (except obviously black because that’s the way Xbox Music rolls). The sidebar/first column contains all the navigation for your music collection, Xbox Radio, and an Explore tab for you to discover new music. Below that, there’s an option to view all your playlists or import them from elsewhere. The second main column shows off album artwork, lists of artists, songs, and so forth. Overall, the interface is very clean and seems easier on the eyes.

Microsoft first debuted Xbox Music last year as a replacement to its now dead Zune brand. The Xbox Music service/store appeared with the release of the Windows 8 operating system.

Check out some screenshots below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: BAV0 via TheVerge