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brad garlinghouse

YouSendIt chief executive Brad Garlinghouse announced today that the company is renaming itself. However, he said it’ll be a little bit longer before the name is revealed.

“Sounds like two syllables,” joked Garlinghouse at Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing conference.

YouSendIt started in 2004 as a file-sharing company but has quickly grown to include more services than just the “sending” function, as Garlinghouse explained. Recently, the company purchased Found, a startup that helps users with document discovery. That is, on many of these file-sharing and storing websites, documents pile up and are difficult to sift through. With this purchase, YouSendIt can now help you find documents you might otherwise have missed. And this will extend to services beyond just YouSendIt.

Garlinghouse has expressed this desire for YouSendIt to “go beyond send” before, saying managing data is a focus for the company. It also recently released an iPhone app as well as apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, and Samsung S Pen.

At the conference, Garlinghouse played around with Aaron Levie, the chief executive of competitor Box, saying he was going to steal Box’s name or rename YouSendIt “Red-shoes Box.” Levie was wearing bright red sneakers on stage.

The company has raised a total of $49 million in venture funding and has over 40 million users.

Brad Garlinghouse photo via Rev Dan Catt/Flickr