If you’re a TripAdvisor user, your travel planning might soon include all the fun stuff you can do at your airport. The company just bought airport information app GateGuru, as┬áthe experience just before takeoff can sometimes make or break a trip.

Though many of us plan for the hotels, food, friends, and touring we’ll do on a trip, we usually overlook the airport as a thing we need to get through before we get to our destination. But GateGuru’s app could make checking-in, waiting in lines, and, of course, dealing with airport food easier.

The company launched in 2009 as an iOS app that helps you find your way around unfamiliar airports. It received seed funding of $800,000 from angels in 2011 and launched its Android app that June. The app, if the location is turned on, can tell which airport you are at or near and will then provide you with amenities and other information — down to the specific terminal you’re in. People can use the app to find restaurants, shopping, other services as well as reviews and tips about that airport. It also supplies live flight times, weather information, and user-submitted wait times for check-in and security lines.

TripAdvisor already owns a property called SeatGuru, which is a data hub of seat plans for almost any plane you can think of. If you have seat 17C and you can’t remember whether that’s an aisle or a window, SeatGuru can help you out.

TripAdvisor says the team will continue to work out of New York under the company’s “flights product and SeatGuru brand.” Terms were not disclosed.

Airplane image via Shutterstock