Here at VentureBeat, we’re always thinking about new ways to connect with our readers. One thing that recently came to mind was music.

With so many services out there dedicated to listening and sharing music, we decided it was worth a shot to make and share our own staff picks. So we’ve created VentureBeat Playlists, a new feature we intend to run each Friday that’s based on a major event in the news or a theme we’ve been seeing in the technology sphere. We decided to use Spotify to sharing our playlists, simply because the service makes it so easy to share tunes — and because it has more than 20 million active users across the globe.

This week’s theme is PRISM, privacy, and paranoia. Ever since the U.S. government’s PRISM program was revealed by Edward Snowden, we’ve seen a huge number of technology stories concerning privacy. Giant tech firms are falling over themselves to say they had nothing to do with PRISM, private search engine DuckDuckGo set record numbers, and more privacy focused startups are getting funding.

So enjoy these tunes by Hall & Oates, Jay-Z, Radiohead, The Police, Rage Against the Machine, and more. We’ll keep looking over our shoulders and will do what we can to document the ongoing drama surrounding privacy invasions and people fighting back. Also be sure to tell us in the comments below what tracks you would have included in the playlist.

Listen to VB Playlists #1: PRISM, privacy, and paranoia here.

Hall and Oates photo via georgia.kral/Flickr