Anyone that purchases a Windows 8 Acer PC going forward will find an Acer Games app preloaded on the device. SweetLabs’ Pokki platform built the portal and will run it for Acer.

Pokki also partnered with Zynga to get the social-gaming company’s games on the platform.

“We’re delighted to be working with Acer to bring the latest games from Zynga, Kabam, and more to the next generation of Windows 8 devices,” SweetLabs vice president of business development Jim Geison said. “Pokki brings a new, dynamic model to recommending apps and games on devices out of the box, striking the perfect balance between great app experiences and revenue opportunities.”

Pokki is best known for its Windows 8 menu that brings a Windows 7-like “Start” button into Microsoft’s latest operating system. With this new Acer Games effort, the company is further trying to ingrain itself into the Windows 8 ecosystem.

“Today’s partnerships with Acer and Zynga signify our overarching goal of connecting creators of great apps with the right users and are an important step toward improving the way apps are discovered and distributed on the PC,” SweetLabs cofounder Darrius Thompson said. “Preloading Pokki’s app platform on Acer’s consumer PCs and bringing Zynga’s social-game titles into our catalog are exciting wins, further validating that we can make the PC experience better for users, developers, and device manufacturers.”