Microsoft is launching a web version of its streaming music service/digital store Xbox music next week, according to a report by The Verge.

Xbox Music is Microsoft’s rebranded version of Zune, which is both a digital music store and streaming service that’s similar to Spotify. Windows or Xbox users can buy individual tracks or albums like on iTunes, and additionally, they can also sign up for a premium subscription (for a monthly fee) that gives them on-demand streaming music that’s similar to Spotify. Users can access the service from the Xbox Music Windows app, Xbox Live, Windows Phone 8 smartphones, Surface tablets, and now, the web.

Since Xbox Music is intended to compete with both Apple’s iTunes iTunes Radio and Google Play Music/All Access, it makes sense that Microsoft would want to also extend its service to the web. The web version also follows a refreshed version of the Xbox Music Windows 8 app that features a slick two-column design.

According to The Verge’s report, the web-based version of Xbox Music isn’t expected to launch until next week. However, it’s possible that the company may mention it during its Build conference tomorrow and Thursday in San Francisco.