Google is working on building an Android game console, the Wall Street Journal reports. The console is reportedly one of a couple of Android-powered devices that the company is creating in addition to a wrist watch.

Google declined to comment.

The strategic implications of Google putting its muscle behind a game box would be powerful, bringing the company into competition with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and a number of other supporters of Android games in the living room. Those cheap mobile games have disrupted console and portable games in the past few years, but a direct assault on consoles in the living room could spark a major console war.

The Journal cited unnamed sources saying that Google has been watching the Ouya [pictured], the $99 open game console that uses the Android mobile operating system. A Kickstarter blockbuster, Ouya’s console began selling earlier this week and its initial allotment on sold out in a day. That has since been replenished.

Google has also hired a number of game development professionals, including chief game designer Noah Falstein.