BioShock Infinite fans still have a bit of a wait before they can get their hands on the blockbuster’s story-expanding downloadable content.

Developer Irrational Games plans to unveil the add-on in late July, according to IGN. This is the first vague timeline the company has put in place for the expansion.

BioShock Infinite’s DLC will develop more of the story and world the developer established in the alternate-history first-person shooter. Those that purchased the $20 season pass will get the DLC at no additional charge.

Irrational released a small piece of DLC called Columbia’s Finest that gives the player some bonus items and upgrades for $5 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Last week, BioShock Infinite mastermind Ken Levine tweeted that the studio started working on the expanded DLC as soon as it finished the main game. This is different from some developers that hold back some elements of a game to release quickly after it goes live.