One year after its launch, RollApp has raised $1 million of funding to build out its platform for running Windows and Linux apps on any device with a web browser (yes, even the iPad).

RollApp debuted last year at the DEMO Spring conference by showing off how its technology can run Open Office applications on the iPad. Now, with its traffic up 50-fold, in the last eight months, the company will use the funding to push its technology out of beta and towards mainstream users.

The company virtualizes apps on its servers, and you can access them without installing any special browser plugins. The apps aren’t as fast as if you were running them locally on your own computer, but they’re still usable.

At this point, RollApp’s platform is made up of free and open source software, including the Open Office suite and games like Gweled. Nothing on the platform will make you give up your current mobile apps yet, but according to RollApp founder Vlad Pavlov, the company is putting the pieces in place to support the next wave of web-focused devices. For example, Chrome OS users can take advantage of RollApp to get access to traditional PC programs.

While bringing PC apps to browsers is an ambitious goal, RollApp also has to compete with the likes of OnLive and CloudOn, which have a lot more funding and technology targeted at the same problem.

RollApp is based in Palo Alto, Calif., and previously raised $350,000 in seed funding from TMT Investments.