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You never realized Times Square could be so empty. The megascreen TV at Times Square is playing a barrage of ads and music to a flurry of tourists who aren’t there yet. You’re not paying attention to it, yet you’re aware of the glow over your shoulder as you walk to the stock exchange. The night before, you issued your company’s pricing release and are now headed over to NASDAQ to get ready for your company’s ringing of the market bell on the day you’re taking your company public.

You look up at the swirling billboard/ticker that hangs over the NASDAQ building. In a matter of hours, your company’s stock symbol will appear for the first time, catapulting the organization into a space it’s never been before. If corporations have a radar, the stock market is where that radar emanates from.

It’s opening day, a product launch, a presidential visit, and media day all rolled up into one. Your company is about have its IPO and as their PR executive, you played an integral role in getting them to this point. You’ve done a lot to get here, and you have a ton more to do today, but it’s important to look back and how all of this happened.

For this PR Summit panel we’ve lined up a who’s who of experts to look at IPOs from a PR perspective:

  • Paul Wilke (moderator), Founder, Upright Position Communications: Paul runs the only PR firm devoted to IPO communications and has provided PR counsel on some of the most successful IPOs of the last decade including Visa, Splunk and Tableau Software.
  • Ken Shuman, Vice President of Communications, Trulia: Ken is one of the more innovative corporate PR professionals and managed communications for one of 2012’s most successful IPOs, Trulia.
  • David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital: David is one of Silicon Valley’s most connected venture capitalist and knows a thing or two about IPOs and what it takes for startups to get to that point. Current board affiliations include Blippy, Gravity, Nomis, Rocket Lawyer and Splunk.
  • JoAnn Horne, Co-Founder, Market Street Partners: JoAnn represents a key cog in a company’s quest to go public – investor relations. JoAnn has more than 18 years of investor relations and investment banking experience.
  • Ari Levy, Tech Reporter, Bloomberg News: As a technology reporter at Bloomberg, Ari Levy has covered networking, Internet and mobility while following deals and dealmakers in private equity and venture capital.

The panel will be held on July 30 at 11:15 a.m. at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco. For more information about the Summit and registration, click here.

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