Sony wants to make it a bit easier for you to recover your Xperia if someone swipes it.

The company announced today the worldwide launch of its My Xperia smartphone recovery service, which Xperia owners can use to track, lock, and even remotely wipe their devices.

While the move is obviously good news for would-be Xperia owners, it’s also bad news for Google, which still hasn’t gotten around to creating a similar service for Android, even though there are lots of people hankering for such a thing.

The omission is especially bad considering that Google is the only major mobile company that still doesn’t offer owners a way to recovery their devices. Apple has Find My iPhone, Microsoft has Find My Phone, Samsung has Find My Mobile, HTC has a tracking service through HTC Sense, and BlackBerry offers the functionality via BlackBerry Protect. (There are also countless apps like Prey and Lookout that fill the app on Android.)

It’s not all bad for Google, however. The company does currently offer a service called My Devices, which does everything you’d expect from a smartphone recovery service. The problem? The service is only available for Google Apps business and education customers, which means everyone else is still out of luck. Let’s hope Google fills in the gap sooner rather than later.