Sometimes an item comes along that is just simply too awesome for words.

So watch:

Fliike by Smiirl from Smiirl on Vimeo.

Facebook and local business love each other, apparently. Local businesses get over 645 million weekly views and 13 million weekly comments on Facebook, and Facebook says there are over two billion connections — likes — between consumers and local businesses. It’s precisely because of local businesses that Facebook boasts over one million active advertisers.

It's the new must-have gadget for every social media manager ...

Above: It’s the new must-have gadget for every social media manager. …

Image Credit: Smiirl

So why not take all the online love and give it a little bricks and mortar?

That’s Fliike, the “first connected object that displays the number of Facebook fans” a business has. Simply plug it in, connect Fliike to your Wi-Fi, and watch your Facebook likes grow in real time in real life.

The device is not cheap, at $390 for each of the first 500 specially-numbered Fliikes, but being cutting-edge never is. Nor is having supercool objét de (pop) art. It’s built by Smiirl, a “passionate team working hard to give the internet a tangible reality.” That means, the company says, shortening the links between digital profiles and physical walls.

And, it takes social proof off the internet and right into your store.

I can see local business loving this, but I can see social media management teams, and social media managers, absolutely jumping on this and putting it in their offices as a Kanban-style measuring stick showcasing their social marketing progress.

Smiirl, the company behind Fliike, has been accepted into the fourth cohort of the Paris, France-based accelerator, Le Camping.