You know that stage of your romantic relationship where you’re a couple of years and a few years pre-Ashley Madison? Well if you’re in that sweet, domestic spot, we’ve got something special for ya today.

It’s called BetterHalf, and it wants you to keep date night alive with special moving and dining trips just for the two of you. (Or more than two. We’ve seen Big Love; we ain’t here to judge.)

Side note: The friendly editorial newshounds here at VB are mostly involved in couple-type relationships, so we have a vested interest in this kind of thing. In the recent past, we’ve noticed a small flurry of couple apps (and BetterHalf competitors) such as Korea-based Between and the charming iOS app Pair, which later morphed into Couple.

We also like HowAboutWe for Couples, an expansion of the quirky date-planning service that gives LTRs a fresh spark. (I personally tried that one, taking my new husband to see a local production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, one of my favorite musicals. End result: He took a bottle-to-mouth shot of whiskey poured by a pretty boy who happened to be sitting on his lap. Giggling ensued. Great date night, no kidding).

Enough tangents! From an email from BetterHalf founder Keith Shields:

It’s a date planning app for couples and is looking to change the way dates are crafted and talked about with your significant other. You can search for movies and restaurants near you or at any designated location, view details on these venues and buy tickets right from the app, send date invites to your partner, and add the plans to each other’s calendars. It’s the second app by, which is a monthly app idea competition where the public votes on what apps our company makes next.

Here’s what it looks like:

The app is set to launch on July 10, but you can sign up now to receive launch updates and a newsletter.