Get out your leather trench coat and cyber-shades — a new Deus Ex is due out this week.

Publisher Square Enix revealed today that it will release Deus Ex: The Fall, the latest entry in the action role-playing-game series, Thursday for iOS devices. The app debuts for $7 in North America.

“This game is a completely new experience,” Deus Ex: The Fall executive producer David Anfossi said in an announcement video. “It’s a new story in the Deux Ex universe.”

Check out the game in action in the announcement trailer:

Deux Ex: The Fall follows former British SAS operative Ben Saxon as he attempts to find out why his former employer betrayed him. The developer set the story in the same timeframe and world as 2011’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is the most recent major release in the franchise, but it is actually a sequel to the Deus Ex novel Icarus Effect by James Swallow. The Fall picks up after that book ends.

The Fall approximates the gameplay of Deux Ex: Human Revolution with touch controls and onscreen button prompts. It is primarily a first-person title with players using their thumbs to control Ben Saxon with virtual thumb-sticks.

Gamers have the opportunity to choose how they tackle objectives. Deus Ex is famous for offering players the option to shoot their way through a problem, to use stealth, or any other creative means.

Square Enix did not reveal any news about a potential Android version.