Gamers don’t just shut themselves in their basements and avoid contact with other humans. Many of them volunteer to serve in the military and end up fighting in places like Afghanistan. GameStop doesn’t have much of a presence in the Middle East, so soldiers don’t have much a selection when it comes to new games.

That’s where Operation: Supply Drop comes in.

Operation: Supply Drop is a charity that collects donations in cash, games, and hardware to send to active-duty troops in Afghanistan and at Walter Reed National Medical Center. The organization just finished its latest drive after sending $30,000 in games and hardware to soldiers that made a request.

Companies like Wizards of the Coast, Sega, and Sony all made donations to the effort.

Some of the games and hardware include three Xbox 360s, two PlayStation 3s, and a signed copy of Gears of War: Judgment. Valve even donated a code for the complete Valve collection of games on Steam, so hopefully that goes to someone with a decent Internet connection. The “drop” even had some boxes of Magic: The Gathering cards.

Operation: Supply Drop is now taking donations for another shipment on Veteran’s Day in November. Individuals can donate cash to help the effort on its website.