The Xbox Live “space bucks” program is coming to an end. Microsoft is dropping its Points system on Xbox Live Arcade in favor of real-currency payments. The switch is coming in the imminent Xbox Live update that many gamers are beta testing right now.

This means consumers will no longer have to buy packs of points when they want to purchase a game, but it might also mean a price increase for some gamers.

People beta testing the new Xbox Live in places like U.K. and India are reporting that the switch led to a direct increase in the cost to many titles on the Xbox Live marketplace, according to a post on content-aggregation website Reddit. So far, the changes have only come to the beta, and it’s possible these prices are not permanent.

In the U.K., 400 Genuine Microsoft Points is equivalent to £3.33 (about $5), but those titles now reportedly cost £4.49 (or $6.71). That’s more than a 25 percent increase. The price premium holds true across the board.

Games that were previously 800 points now reportedly cost £8.99, 1,200 points goes for £11.99, and 1,600 points will set players back £14.99.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft to ask if it raised prices and if this is a permanent increase. We will update with its response.

Indians are also reporting a price increase in their Xbox Live marketplace.

Indian blog Jetpack is reporting that games like puzzler Storm, which used to cost 800 Microsoft points or about 600 Indian rupees ($10), now cost 760 rupees ($12.70).