Tapjoy has a new software developer kit (SDK) out that enables advertisers to re-engage with an offer.

Tapjoy is an advertising network that drives monetization for mobile apps. Its ad model enables consumers to find and use premium content in exchange for engaging with premium advertisers. Tapjoy inserts ads into apps, targeted at consumers who enjoy similar apps. If those individuals install the apps that are recommended in the ads, then the advertiser pays Tapjoy and the developer for the installation.

Onstage at MobileBeat 2013 today, the company’s new chief product officer, Jeff Drobick, discussed what it takes to generate value in ┬ámobile.

“Incentives offered in the past had a bit of a stigma,” he said. “Incentivizing consumers with something that isn’t in their best interest is not sustainable in the long-term. If you are doing stuff that is good for consumers, then it is good for brand advertisers, and they get the premium content they want. What’s wrong with that?”

Tapjoy’s approach helps developers get their apps in front of consumers. User acquisition and monetization remain two of the largest challenges for app developers and Tapjoy has been a significant force in using incentive-based advertising to address both. It reaches users on more than 1 billion devices and its marketplace reaches a global mobile audience of more than 97,000 applications. The company is currently driving $200 million in revenue to publishers of all sizes, and typical app publishers see a 50 percent to 300 percent increase in monetization.

Apps represent a powerful channel for advertisers to connect with their target audience. For example, a baseball brand or game can connect with baseball lovers through a baseball-centered app. Tapjoy’s new SDK is a way for advertisers to follow-up with consumers to maximize the revenue opportunities. If a consumer already expresses interest in an offer, advertisers can hit them again with another one. Drobick said this┬áprovides a “rich, multilayered experience that is low risk for advertisers.”

Tapjoy has been busy lately. In addition to the new SDK, it recently released Tapyjoy Reconnect that gets consumers to come back to an app. It also partnered with streaming movie service Screen Media Ventures to expand its reach in the entertainment field, and announced a collaboration with Korean company Kakao Games to offer ads to the developers on the platform. Kakao games has 90 million users.

Tapjoy’s faces competition from Flurry, Kontangent, and ChartBoost, but in a world filled with mobile apps and the continued struggled to make money off of them, there is plenty of room for any solution that drives revenue.